Property Tax Services

Claremont provides complete property tax administration and specific project work based upon each client's needs. We are comfortable handling your tax needs like an internal department, in reviewing your department's tax processes, or in reviewing a specific valuation issue.

  • Budgets, Accruals and Forecasting
  • Data Gathering and Review
  • Compiling and Filing Tax Returns
  • Representation and Presentations at Taxing Authorities
  • Appraisal Review and Appeal/Protest Recommendations
  • Appeal/Protest Administration and Resolution
  • Complete Change in Ownership Services (California Specific)
  • Bill Tracking, Payment Preparation and Account Coding
  • Set-up Joint Interest, Revenue, and other Partner Tax Billings
  • Track Legislation, Rule Changes, and Methodologies
  • Merger and Acquisition Support
  • Respond to Field, Operations, Accounting, and Management Requests

Transactional Tax Services

Claremont provides transactional tax administration and specific project work internally where we have the required expertise, and via third party sources when required. We work with an extensive network of SALT (State and Local Tax) professionals with experience in your business areas.

Other Services

Claremont staff has extensive expertise in other areas typically found in company shared services organizations. We can aid your staff in setting up and/ or reviewing the handling of property tax and other transactional taxes within your accounting systems. We provide tax support associated internal and external oil and gas reserve determination processes, and regularly provide guidance to our clients on corporate modeling. Let us know your needs and we can either provide support or provide a contact that has specific experience with your requirement.