Property Tax is one of the semi-controllable expenses incurred by most property owners. We use the term semi-controllable due to the fact that your participation in the property tax process directly affects your property's level of value, thus tax you pay.

State and local assessment professionals are charged with the valuation of thousands of diverse properties within their jurisdiction each appraisal period. If they do not receive your input, they will utilize the best available public or historical data to appraise your property, which may not reflect the current issues effecting the value of your specific property. In the case of Oil & Gas Assets, Pipelines, Mining Operations, electrical generating facilities, technologically intense businesses, many issues arise that will remain unknown to the appraisal jurisdiction unless they are kept informed on a annual basis.

At Claremont Tax Associates, we specialize in analyzing your properties and business to identify issues that affect your property's, and then determine if your assets are being fairly valued and taxed.

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